Our Story


Our story is not so much about what we are doing but about why we are doing it, it is also about making individuals, households, organizations and our society much more sustainable and caring. 


We understand that solar energy is the need of the hour. Our aim is to revolutionize the way solar energy is harnessed.The basic idea behind NuSurya is to promote, educate and empower establishments through environmentally safe renewable energy technologies. We understand your individual needs and help you navigate ever rising energy prices and the threat of climate change. We help discover the opportunities that will make your organisation more sustainable, more competitive, more profitable, and hence, more valuable to society


The NuSurya Values

In God we trust

We believe that everything is owned by God and we are his stewards. We will always focus on doing the right thing in the eyes of God. This is the sole guiding principle on running this business.

Give more than you take

We believe that all enterprises come in to existence to serve God and society. It is our endeavour to give more than we receive in all our transactions. This applies to everyone we interact with right from our customers, suppliers, employees, investors etc.

Dignity of man

It is a basic human right to live a dignified life. The owners of the enterprise will never ask anyone to do a job which they will not be comfortable doing themselves. This would involve all aspects including moral, safety, work conditions etc.

Our Team


Our team comprises of professionals coming from diverse backgrounds in technical, managerial, administrative and creative fields which makes us a complete team. We believe that anything worth doing is done ethically and for the best interest of our clients. Therefore before undertaking any project, we think through every aspect involved and agree to work only when we are sure our clients’ needs will be met. We are blessed to have an agile team where each member contributes to make every project successful. Apart from the vast industry experience and education in premier institutes like SFIT, IIT Mumbai, Bocconi University (Italy), IIM Ahmedabad,…we are all trained in the institute called LIFE.

Joy Tuscano

BE Electronics,
MSC IM (Bocconi University),
PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad)

Augustine Tuscano

Co-Founder BA Hons (Mumbai University)

Anand Suman

Advisory Panel B Tec Mech(IIT Mumbai), PGDM (IIM Ahmedabad)

Bijo Joseph

Advisory Panel IIM Calcutta, TISS Mumbai